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We’re here to help farmers do more than cultivate their fields, instead focusing on ideas that stimulate possibilities and opportunities.

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Are You an Annual or Perennial Seller?

Perennial Seller: The Art of Making and Marketing Work that Lasts by Ryan Holiday, made my top book of 2017 (coincidentally published on my birthday). It’s a modern classic that will be read for years to come. Now that you already know my feelings…

Making Chickens Concrete

In a recent interview on The Art of Manliness Podcast, the host, Brett MacKay, was interviewing Peter Brown co-author of Made to Stick: The Science of Successful Learning. In the interview, Mr. Brown made the comment that the only way to make learning stick…

Is Your Farm A Crystal Hippopotamus?

In 2012, Nassim Nicholas Taleb published, Anti-Fragile: Things That Gain From Disorder, a book that leaves you asking yourself if you’ve not just created a stable life, but an Anti-Fragile one. Taleb’s first book, The Black Swan (nothing to do with the movie), predicted the financial…

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Terrance Layhew

A writer, Organic Inspector and Consultant. Started in Organic agriculture at the age of 13 and has been in the field ever since.

His passion is to help farmers achieve their goals using ideas, giving them the tools to cultivate the possibilities.