Wild Rover

We have recently experienced a farm oddity, last newsletter we included the picture of a baby Galloway without a belt, our last three calves in a row have been beltless! Male and female, these little Galloways have the recessive “no belt” genes of an original Galloway. This is one of those genetic things that give an interesting break from the normal routine.


One of these “beltless” Galloways was born on the 26th on March, #19. He was born in the morning and prompty nursed, after satisfying his hunger he hid crawled under the fence with #20 to chase the chickens. That’s right, our calves like chicken tipping.

When their activity was discovered my father caught #20, picked her up and put her back in the hay barn with her mom. #19 didn’t want to go without a chase, Dave ran him around, and around, after about fifteen minutes of chasing he pushed him into the hay barn, being far too large to carry.

Sunday morning, after nursing, Rover decided it was time to take a trip, and promptly left. We didn’t realize anything was wrong until we got back from Church and heard his mom yelling for him, her deep bellowing resounding all over the farm.
We got changed and started searching for #19 around the hay barn but couldn’t find him. We started searching the field, for four hours we searched but hide nor hair of him was to be seen.
The following morning when we fed hay to the cows there we found Rover, nursing on his mom just like usual. When I first heard this story today I had to laugh, cattle can easily be compared to children, and just like any child each has their own personality, it was his adventurous behavior that bestowed upon #19 the epithet of “Rover,” reminding me of the story of the wild Irish Rover.

On a different note, Saturday, May 3rd, is the first farmer’s market of the year in Woodstock IL



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