The Challenge

As some of you may know I work at a local library on Mondays, there they have heard every week my catch phrase, “Living the American Dream!” Despite my uber patriotic tone and joy in saying this, they have grown tired of hearing it. One of the librarians challenged me to come up with a new phrase every week, an answer to “How are you doing?”
As you can imagine I jumped at it, so this is week two of the challenge, on my blog I will record these answers, I freely allow them to be used. 😉
The ones I have already used are:
1. I’ve got the world on a string.
From the song of the same name, this answer conveys the confidence I have in life. I am one of those who believes he has a God given destiny, to rule rather than be ruled, to take life by the throat and demand from it honor.
2. I’m Dapper, Daring, and Dashing.
I read the Three Musketeers by Alexandere Dumas the other day. The chivalrous, daring behavior of Attos, Portos, and Aramis brings me a great deal of delight.

Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

It made me think of my new phrase.
I’m dapper, because I try to look my best at all times. To represent the ideal of a gentleman.
I’m daring, because as Theodore Roosevelt said we should strive for “The Strenuous life.” Without taking chances we don’t usually improve. Even if we fail we learn a lesson.
I’m dashing, Webster defines it as “marked by smartness, especially in dress and manners.” Similar to dapper, I say this because it seems people have forgotten this quality of manliness.

Now you you’ve listened to me ramble, I hope you have a good week. Check back here next week to here my next phrase!


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