Wait and Hope

Rule 49. “Wait and hope, this is the sum of human wisdom.” Is among the last lines in my favorite book, The Count of Monte Cristo. In the story Dantes, the Count, is betrayed as a young man and thrown in prison. In prison he meets an old priest who shares a marvelous treasure with him. When the priest dies he escapes and finds the treasure. Returning to the world as the Count of Monte Cristo, his one goal is to have vengeance on those who put him in prison.


Jim Caviezel Played Monte Cristo in the 2002 Movie of the same name.

This summary does not do the book justice, I highly recommend reading a unabridged version of this, it goes into a great deal of theology, ethics, and even economics. But what I took away chiefly from this story is the wisdom he gives to his protege, Maximilian Morrell, “Wait and hope.”

Here on the farm, without those principles we wouldn’t have anything, to paraphrase, “Crap happens,” and when it does all you can do is hope that it works out in the end.

Waiting is often how character is developed, it allows steadfastness to grow in our lives. As a Christian, I see waiting in the difficult situations as God giving me an opportunity to show my faith. Patience is one of the most important, and difficult, things a person can learn in life, by patience and steadfastness the most difficult situations can be overcome.

Hope is one of the most important things in the American Dream, it’s what drove people from all across Europe and the world to our nation, it’s the hope for a better future. Without hope there is no way to wait, it is impossible to have one trait without the other, it takes looking continually on the hope you possess to endure hardship, to endure waiting.


Source dowdledaily.com

That’s one of the qualities has made our nations great, looking toward a better future, hoping that our children, our decedents will be better than we are. Our ancestors toiled in this land hoping that their children would succeed to be better than themselves, how about we prove them right?



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