New Schedule

So far I have randomly updated this blog about every other day, as much as the random can be useful and beneficial on occasion, I like a set routine. I decided that you who read the blog deserved a routine also, here is my plan for updating:

Mondays – Catchphrase: As you may remember I was challenged at the beginning of the farm market season to come up with a new answer to “How are you doing?” every week. So far I have only missed one week.

Wednesdays – Rules: I’ll take from my current 52, and counting, rules, tell you the origin and why I count it a rule for me, along with it’s relevancy in the American Dream and life in general.

Fridays – Story/Opinion: For some reason I haven’t posted too many farm stories yet, however, come this Friday you’ll have a sweet story about farm life here in Southern Wisconsin. I’ll alternate farm stories with opinion posts, like my one of the difference between a handshake and a contract.

Occasionally when a topic grips me enough I may post a random one or two, however, for now this is the schedule I’m keeping to.

If there is anything particular topic you would like to see or read about on my blog, relevant to farming or the American Dream, or a question about a particular post, feel free to place it in the comments section bellow.

Thanks for reading,


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