Two weeks ago my family embarked on a new enterprise, raising goats.

This all started about a month ago when a friend gave my little sister two billy goats, Hiccup and Dooley. Obviously the males can’t produce milk, they are nice as pets though. Having the two goats started the wheels in my parents brains turning. Where could they find a dairy goat?

They looked on Craigslist and found a family that raised diary goats for a 4-H project. They lived not too far away so I went with my father and mother to go see it. We got to the family’s barn just as he was doing chores. We told him we wanted to meet Clove, he called out to the barn “Clove!” Out trotted a sweet little brown goat.

My parents where smitten with her, the next day we took the trailer up and brought her home.



Now she’s ruling her own little empire in the pasture next to our house. She can walk up a ramp to sit or stand on the shed they sleep in, she’ll sit on that perch and survey her kingdom.

Tirzah milks her twice everyday, and so long as Clove doesn’t kick over the bucket they both have a good time.

That’s the story of Clove, the little dairy goat.


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