The “W” Word

I try to vary what I write about, yet somehow I find myself drawn to the same general topic. In each article I’ve posted that refers to the American Dream, I use a word that tends to be looked on with disdain, I’m talking about the “W” word: Work. So this week, I’m working, and loving it.



William M. Thayer wrote a book entitled, Gaining Favor With God and Man, in this book he outlines many of the qualities necessary for success in life; work is one of them.

In these papers we are setting forth the elements of true success, and one of them is work. By this we mean something more than the occupation of one’s time; we mean a resolute, invincible determination to accomplish one’s purpose, even though absolute hardship of labor be required. To many youth this is not congenial. They prefer to live without hard work. To possess a fortune without hard work, to have a profession without hard study, and to occupy a post of honor without earning it, is their ideal life. They want east instead of work to be a condition of success. Somehow they expect to succeed without that intense application which circumstances require; and so they fail, becoming mere ciphers among men.

It’s the biggest cog in the clock of the American Dream. It’s not just punching in and out for a paycheck, it’s pursuing your goals with effort and energy. People in today’s day and age people look forward to the day they retire. Retirement is nice, but you don’t stop working, what you do to occupy your time changes.

There is a choice Latin phrase, labor omnia vincit, “Hard work conquers all.”



On the farm, our occupation is farming, but preparing for the future is our purpose. It’s our legacy that we leave behind to our children, and our children’s children. This is the perspective that both the Pilgrim’s and the Pioneers had when they tilled the land and planted their fields.

No matter what you want to accomplish, what mountains you climb, what job you want to have, the fortune you wish to build, it is dependent on hard work.


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