This is my 30th post on! It’s been fun so far, and I’ve enjoyed writing these short articles and I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

This week I’m Determined.

Determination is defined by Webster’s 1828 dictionary as 1. Ended; concluded; decided; limited; fixed; settled; resolved; directed 2. a. Having a firm or fixed purpose, as a determined man; or manifesting a firm resolution, as a determined countenance.

Determination is a quality that I’ve touched on before in You may be whatever you resolve to be.”

“My friends, you may be whatever you resolve to be. Resolution is omnipotent. Determine that you will be something in the world, and you shall be something. Aim at excellence, and excellence will be attained. This is the great secret of effort and eminence.” – Joel Hawes 1851


Thomas Edison -Source

Any great man you look at in American history you will find determination. Theodore Roosevelt, Andrew Carnegie, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, and Patrick Henry are only a few examples from a long list of men, who put their goals ahead of everything else, determined to succeed no matter what the obstacle. Not to say these men weren’t flawed, they had many flaws, but in the application of this quality they surpassed many.

We’ve discussed plans, building, and ideas, but without determination, without action, they are completely useless. All of these qualities need each other to co-exist, you can’t have one without the other. Determination is the driving force, the push in the machine that takes the plan, and forces you to work on it, to develop talents and abilities to succeed in whatever business ones finds themselves in. To seize opportunities when they come your way.


To put it in the simplest manner determination is applied force of will, and your determination will only be as strong as that will. The strength of will is what separates a lazy man from a diligent one, when you work on a farm only the diligent survive.

Farming is not a job that you take for the week, of for the month, not even a year of farming does much good. Farming is a lifestyle that requires determination, it requires effort to stay in for the long haul. As with many things it takes commitment.

As for me, as with anyone who wishes to succeed I am determined to do what is required. My goals are set, with knit brows I look at the future, ready to take whatever it throws at me.


What are you determined about? Tell us in the comments section bellow.


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