A quality that distinguished the American man in the early days of the west was a cool, calm, self confidence that emanated from his very being.

When I think of standing tall, one of my favorite John Wayne movies, Tall in the Saddle (1944), comes to mind, and this scene in particular.

Standing tall is the confidence that comes from experience.

CONFIDENCE: Trust; reliance; applied to one’s own abilities, or fortune; belief in one’s own competency.

– Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

When we succeed against difficulty, we earn the right to stand tall, to say we have been tried and found sufficient for the day of trouble. We can calmly look upon the situations that come before us, assured that if we have weathered the previous storm, we can survive the next.

It reminds me of a passage from a favorite book of mine, Men of Iron, by Howard Pyle.

The warfare, the blood, the evil pleasures which he had seen had been a fiery crucible test to his soul, and I love my hero that he should have come forth from it so well…..but his soul was of that grim, sterling, rugged sort that looked out calmly from his gray eyes upon the wickedness and debauchery around him, and loved it not.

Whether good or bad may befall you, you’re standing! You’re ready for the challenge, looking resolutely toward future danger, prepared to take it as it comes.

What does standing tall mean to you? Feel free to tell us in the comments section bellow.


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