Survival, or “Endurance the Sequel”

I don’t like to sound like a broken record, but at this point my focus in life is survival. So this week, I’m Surviving.


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An old joke I heard once has been hovering in my mind lately. Two guys go out into the woods on a walk, a bear bursts out foaming at the mouth. One guy bends down to tie his sneaker, the other says, “Dude, you can’t out run a bear.” His friend replies, “I don’t have to outrun the bear, I just have to outrun you.”

Obviously this guy needs to choose better friends, but the point is that sometimes you just need to outlive the guy next to you.


To outlive any thing else; to live beyond any event

– Webster’s 1828 Dictionary


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I wrote about Endurance a few weeks ago, it’s a topic that is near to my heart. Survival is another step in the grand process of enduring. The focus is to outlive the anyone and everything else. Endurance is more refined that survival, it has has elegant stoicism while survival is more of an animal “kill or be killed,” attitude.

It seems from my limited knowledge of life, and from the extensive reading I have pursued, that survival is a natural process for man to descend to. They say the night get’s blackest before the dawn, similarly life can look worst just before it get’s better. It takes crisis to create new societies, and the destruction of the old civilization to build a new one.


Meik Abbey Library – Source Wikipedia

Survival is necessary for the future of anything, unless an idea can stand the test of time it won’t be worth it. The American Dream is one of those ideas, it has survived despite all the the battering it has received over the years.

Survival forces the improvement of the subject by the, “kill or be killed,” mentality. Good ideas increase in importance while bad ones die out.

Simple Steps for Surviving

Whether you’re dragging at work or stranded in the woods here are a few methods to keep going.


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Focus on the purpose – When continuing on gets tougher and tougher it helps to keep in mind why you are doing what you’re doing. Sometimes it’s a paycheck, sometimes it’s returning to your family.

Look at the big picture – Remember that there is a world beyond your situation. No matter how bad life looks like it gets, the situation will pass.

Adapt – You cannot improve unless you learn from the situation you’re in. Sometimes to survive in difficult situations it requires that you do things you ordinarily wouldn’t want to.


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