Market Musings

Every day the markets draw closer to an end, something which I look upon with both regret and relief. The truth is it’s a great job and a great place to go, but inherently in it’s nature it’s temporary.


Myself at the Woodstock Farmer’s Market – Source – Woodstock Farmer’s Market Page

The purpose of the farmer’s markets, as I see it, is clear and simple. It’s not to sell farm products, it’s not to buy farm products, it’s not to put on an event, or to prove which town has the best chamber of commerce. The purpose of the farmer’s markets is to give consumers an opportunity to build a relationship with those who raise their food.

Now not all customers come to markets with this idea, nor do all farmers pursue it either, but that relationship is the purest and truest purpose for both parties.


Most people in the marketing industry will tell you clear and simple that relationships are the key to sales. For that reason most of marketing is the idea on how to build a relationship as fast as possible with your customer.

tfarmmarketAt the Farmer’s market it’s different. We don’t rush to make relationships, we talk each week about little things, building each week to talk about more important things. It becomes a genuine friendship between two groups of people.

When the market ends, if done right, the relationship doesn’t. The customer keeps an eye on the farmer’s website and Facebook page. If the vendor stops going to the market then they keep in touch.


Source –

It’s a relationship based on trust. Trust in the farmer’s stewardship of the earth and animals. It’s a trust that we, as farmers, take seriously. This relationship isn’t anything new. Historically when people lived in smaller, closer knit communities, everyone knew their local farmer.

So that’s my musings of the market. What do you think about farmer’s markets? Is there any farmer you have a relationship with? Leave an answer in the comments section bellow.

Sed per somnium!


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