Just Bully!

Edmond Morris wrote three books about Roosevelt, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Rex, and Colonel Roosevelt. Each book represents a stage of our twenty sixth President’s life and career.

rise of tr

Source – goodreads.com

A enjoyable and entertaining set of books. By using quotes, speeches, and letters, Morris weaves the story together with an fascinating narrative that makes you feel like you’re actually there with Roosevelt.


Source – Biography.com

Though obviously giving deference to Roosevelt, Morris keeps his book critical, allowing the reader to determine the justice of TR’s decisions and choices.

tr speech

Source – theodore-roosevelt.com

Roosevelt is credited with giving us many iconic political imagery: The Man in the Arena, The Strenuous Life, “My hat is in the ring.” and The Bull Moose.

However, one phrase we remember him best for is, “Bully!” Often unused in our modern day, perhaps few understand it’s definition. As an adjective it means: Extremely good, first rate.

A President who’s career stands toe to toe with Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson. An eastern dude who could rope a steer with the best cowboy. A father who raised a good family. An American, who fought for his country, served his nation, and strove to be an example of American masculinity and patriotism. To honor him, this week’s phrase is: I’m just bully!


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