In Everything

Rule 24. In everything, good or bad, learn a lesson.

This is the first Layhew original I’ve written about.

Life is too short not to learn as much as you can from it. Often, during the situation it’s hard to really look at something in the right perspective. Afterwards it’s necessary to take a cold hard look, and reflect on what happened. This is the rule of experience, trial and error dictating what to do and what to avoid.


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Life is something we can’t control, it is random and unpredictable. As a farmer you are particularly vulnerable to such things as weather, pests, and animals. Due to this you have to look at everything that happens and use it all, nothing that happens can be taken for granted.

People can ask, “What use is it to go through bad situations without learning from it?” We need to ask, “Why go through anything in life without learning from it?”


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