The American Breakfast

Yesterday morning was my first Friday morning without a farmer’s market. To celebrate, I did the two things I can’t do during the market season, sleep in and make breakfast.

I woke up at about 8:30, probably never going to sleep in that late again in a while, but still enjoyable on occasion.


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The Einkorn mix is special because it’s made with Certified Organic Einkorn whole grain wheat. This variety of wheat is the purest form possible, with extremely low levels of gluten.

I got the whole wheat flax because I’m a pretty plain person, but they have other varieties, like chocolate hazelnut, and cinnamon vanilla.
IMG_1313I warmed up the cast iron pan to fry the bacon and mixed the pancake batter. With a click I started my tea kettle, and flipped the flapjacks.


Perfect Breakfast!

When it finished cooking I sat down at the end of the table. Everything I ate that morning I had purchased at the farmer’s markets, (except the tea).

Chocolate chip pancakes, hickory smoked bacon, and a warm cup of tea. Perfect breakfast for the perfect morning. I even drank the tea out of my “Support Your Local Coffee Shop” mug. It’s cool to think that I was eating a similar breakfast prepared by the American Pioneers, I even used cast iron!

I got the pancake mix from whEat Better, and the bacon from Jake’s Country Meats. If you want to see what they offer feel free to take a look at their sites and (They didn’t pay me to write this article, but both are good friends).

What was neat about the whole meal was that each product I ate had been raised or made by people I knew. That’s the amazing thing about the farmer’s markets, and added to the satisfaction of the flavor.


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