Be Sure


Life has a way of changing on us. Sometimes we see it, often we don’t. Occasionally we make those changes ourselves, we look at how our future may be and decide we want to change it for the better. The American Dream is all about taking opportunity when it’s available, sometimes doubt cripples us from taking that step forward needed to move to the next level.


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This post is my final catchphrase for 2014, every week, with only two exceptions, I have posted my phrases and the ideas behind them on this blog. I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I have.


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Lately I have important changes happening in my life. I’ve been forming my plans for the next few years, looking at new jobs and new schooling. As doubt rears it’s ugly head, it brings back a quote by Davy Crockett to mind, “Be always sure you’re right – THEN GO AHEAD!”

You know what, this week, I’m sure.


3 thoughts on “Be Sure

  1. awesome blog, T. You are quite a thinker……sort of the Benjamin Franklin type, eh? Sure, call me on Thursday. Since it is not work related, best call me after 5 on my cell. Talk to you then…RC

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