The Christmas Post ’14

As the grandfather of holidays, or holy-days, grows closer you can almost feel the excitement building. It’s true, Christmas is almost upon us.


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The magic fills the air this time of year, it’s tangible, real. I don’t mean the type of magic that comes from a lamp or crystal ball, it’s the kind of magic that comes from peoples hearts. This magic is  joy.


As any holiday, Christmas is a celebration to remember an event. In this case it’s to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, though probably not on Dec. 25th, it’s the date the majority of the world recalls that occasion. For Christians, this holiday is sacred, a reminder of the charity of God to His people by delivering them His Son as their Savior.

nativity scene

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When I think of the purpose of Christmas my mind harkens back to the speech Linus made in A Charlie Brown Christmas.


Christmas is about joy, about spreading “Peace, goodwill towards men.” No matter how many or how few presents are under the tree, no matter what you have for Christmas dinner, Joy is what makes the holiday season. It’s sharing that joy with family, friends, and even strangers on the street.

This year, don’t just have a Merry Christmas, have a joyful one.


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