Leaving the Herd

Rule 70. Isolation is dangerous. This particular rule originates from The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green. The author observes that this rule is important when one wishes power, because it is unwise to separate oneself from those from whom the power is gained. King Solomon himself warned of this error in Proverbs.

Whoever isolates himself seeks his own desire; he breaks out against all sound judgment – Proverbs 18:1

There are times to be by alone, that cannot be argued. However, to become a hermit, cutting off the ties of all acquaintances, family, and friends is among the most foolish of actions.


Source – hutthewest.com

Strength comes in numbers, when a wolf or coyote decides to attack game much bigger than itself they usually operate in a pack, while doing all in their power to push their prey away from it’s fellows. By separating their victim they gain the greatest advantages. With no one to assist them the prey finds itself cornered and ended.


Source – demonsinthedark.com

In life we face similar situations, when situations and events seem to be conspiring to dominate or destroy our way of life, the worst thing we could do is isolate ourselves. The council and advice of those closest to us should not be discounted, even when it may be of little to no use, a friend nearby in times of trouble makes a significant difference. When we close ourselves off from others, from any help or council that can be rendered, we are vulnerable to all forms of attacks. The world provides plenty of criticism enough, let alone the voice of self-doubt asserting itself regularly. We humans are a social kind, despite how introverted you may think you are or appear to be, you still desire the company, or at least the recognition, of your fellow man. To purposefully defy this natural tendency is against sense. Sometimes it takes a bit for the right company to come around you, the right friends in the right setting.


Source – drawception.com

At the same token we should not abandon our people when in the heights of pride or success. We rarely make it without the help and support of our family and friends, it shows poor form to ignore and isolate yourself from them when your fortune is good, it makes them even more unlikely to help you when trouble rears it’s head. Isolation can be anything that you do to cut yourself from those around you. This can take the form of ears dulled by success, fear to face others because of our failures, or simply a selfish desire to spend all ones time devoted to self.


Source – nevermindthemanager.com

Our greatest danger and enemy in life is ourselves, when we keep only our own company it brings out our worst. Self works not through weapons, but with words, whispers into our ears such things that make the flesh pleased, to indulge in every passion and pleasure. Such council does little more than push one to the destruction from our own appetites. When we surround ourselves with loved ones who need our help or offer wisdom greater than ours, it prevents the catastrophe we carry with us daily.


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