Note the Moment

Recently I took to carrying a top spiral memo-pad and pen with me. A trait from my father, who carries such a notebook himself.


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This may seem like a small thing, and it is. What makes it important is the utility it serves. Ideas float around our minds constantly, some are useful, others are not. The best ideas materialize when we least expect them, and often die for lack of recording them.

It is important to leave written things behind. By this I mean, leave a written record of our ideas and thoughts, like a journal, for those who may want to see what we really thought.

Benefits of Note Taking

A Record – Keeping notes or a journal will also allow you to look back on what you’ve done in life. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made, relive the successes of life.

Memory Studies show that when we write things down it helps us remember them better, also allowing us to take it off our, “must remember” plate to make room for thinking about other things.

Sentiment – It’s always nice to receive a hand written note in the mail, even it it’s just a “Howdy” from a friend. It is nice to know that someone cared enough about us to take the time to write something to us by hand.


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