The Loaded Goat

You may recall some time back I wrote a brief review on The Andy Griffith Show and what I like about it. Among those various episodes is The Loaded Goat, an episode where a goat eats leftover dynamite and becomes a danger to the town. This goat takes a particular shine to Barney’s harmonica playing, so Andy and Barney play pied piper and play the harmonica leading the goat out of town.

There are numerous instances in the show where Barney’s harmonica provides humor and it’s always stuck with me. The other day I was thinking about music. It is my opinion that everyone should at least appreciate music, even if they cannot create it themselves. It occurred to me, what would be an easier, if not classic, instrument for me to take up than the harmonica?


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Like all such great ideas, I look harmonicas up on Amazon. There are various types of mouth harps, but the basic one was cheap enough for me to order it and experiment.

harmonica playing

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So, I’ve been messing around with the harmonica for the past three days and here’s what I’ve learned.

Harmonica Notes

1. It’s easier than the violin, but harder than you might think.

2. Learning to control your breath is key.

3. It’s lighter than a piano.

4. It’s corny and impressive at the same time.

5. The most important thing is practice.


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