Shelving Moments

It won’t come as a shock to most people, but I am a high level bookworm. With that title comes a propensity to collect books, a lot of books. The only problem with collecting books is eventually, you might run out of space.

As I continued to acquire books, when the shelf space had been filed, they began to pile up around me. A situation that didn’t bother me, but my family began to tire of trying to find me in the towering piles.

In such moments the hero of the hour is my father, my father who can build anything with a two by four, my father who’s mind builds objects before picking up a tape measure. My father’s solution was to build me new, larger, shelves. A plan which pleased me greatly.

In very little time I had new shelves placed beautifully on my walls. I immediately started placing books on the shelves, some rare, some odd, all important to me. Each book is valuable, not because of any real monetary worth, but because of the stories associated with each one. I remember when, and why I got each one, no matter the subject.

While going through these books I found several about agriculture, history, and particularly on America and freedom. Many of the books on America went unread, primarily from a lack of time, but now, I am going to challenge myself to read them. To learn what the bygone ages have to say and instruct on our current America.


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Recently, my mother reminded me of a quote, “The only thing that will change are the books you read and the people you meet.” Let’s challenge ourselves to improve in both this year.


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