Picking Problems

This morning I did something I haven’t done in a long time, I picked rocks in a field. Rock picking is among the oldest of farm chores, rocks being the among the earliest crops ever found in a field.

It has been years since I’ve had to do this chore, having worked my way out of the necessity of participating. Today, I volunteered to this task, today, I needed the distraction.


I look like this when I write, seriously. – Source – jezbel.com

I am a thinking man, given to rational thought and intellectual pursuits, emotions are my bête noire. In my day to day life I try to prevent the emotions from leaking out, their influence clouding my judgement. Regrettably they are not exclusive feelings, emotions group together, connecting themselves one onto another.

Today, I had enough bottling things up. I needed a way to release the pent-up feelings (a word I despise), rock picking was the answer to my problem.

As I stood there in the field, with the sun beating down and the crickets harmonizing in the surrounding brush, I decided that every stone was a problem, a worry, an issue in my mind. I picked up those problems and threw them into the bucket of the tractor.

Our worries, our problems and insecurities are like the rocks in the fields. They are always there, always beneath the surface waiting to travel up to daylight. When they do you can either ignore them or do something about it.

Rocks exist, get over it, they are a constant. Keep picking them, put them in the tractor and find a better place for them. Don’t ignore them, don’t let them fester, move them from the field and plant something else.


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