Having Hope

Rule 49. Wait and hope. This is the sum of human wisdom.

Never forget that until the day when God will deign to reveal the future to man all human wisdom is contained in these two words: “Wait” and “Hope.”

-The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

This is the second part of our series on this rule. In the first we discussed the importance of waiting, how and why to do so. Here we come to something that is perhaps, if not more difficult, is certainly more daunting, that immutable attribute of hope.

Hope is more than a simple virtue. It has a moral base. It is what makes waiting possible. We anticipate what the future can bring with the expectation of things getting better.


Source – adorationlc.org

There is much in life to place our hope in. However, in the context of the Count’s admonition, he says to hope in God. Wait on His will, and Hope in His goodness towards His children.

I came up with an acronym to help remember this virtue:

Hold on. – As Kipling said, “So hold on when there is nothing left within you but the will which says, hold on.”

Observe. – Watch! Look for what evidence there is to hope for, seek your opportunity and be watchful.

Patience. – Wait, if it is truly worth it, you can wait for it.


Everything. – That sums in up: this rule can be applied to everything.


Source – fanpop.com


This has not been the easiest of articles for me to write, but it is an important one. A world without hope is a sad one indeed; and if you lose hope, you have lost more than can be imagined. Place your hope in the things that matter, not in the temporary arms of things or pleasures.

What do you hope in?


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