The Fall Farmer

October is already over, hard to imagine. Fall has only just started and now we’re looking at Winter. Right now everything is dying, decaying, falling asleep.


Picturesque Fall – Source –

The leaves are falling, the trees prepare for their winter nap along with the rest of nature. The fields are being harvested of their final crops, pumpkins are everywhere, and families are picking apples.

Farmers are no exception to the general rule of nature. Each farmer takes the Fall season in different ways, depending on the crops or livestock they raise; but all can agree they are ready for a rest. It’s about this time of year when the energy driving them through the Summer begins to peter out. They begin to draw what strength they have left inside, to prepare for the next year.


Source –

Right now the Fall farmer is starting to slow down. He’s looking at his land and considering what crops to plant in the next year. If he has livestock, he’s preparing them for Winter feeding and housing. This is the beginning of his time to rest, a period when he can breathe after a long season of endurance.

In the Winter he’ll keep the farm running with minimal labor (unless he’s a dairy farmer). With a cold wind blowing outside, he’s standing by the window, looking out over the ground he tended, imagining what the fields will look like in Spring, already contemplating the work that lies before him.

What can we learn from the farmer’s example?

Work before you rest – I think we can all agree we prefer to play rather than slave away the day. You can’t have that rest without the work though, and the work makes the rest sweeter. Do your job, then enjoy a well deserved rest.

Enjoy your rest – If you have earned it, enjoy it. Spend it doing the things that matter with the people that matter.

Prepare to work again – Remember when that rest is over, work is there. As Spring follows Winter, work will return. If you have rested properly, you will be ready, if not eager, to return to your labors. Do that work with all your strength.


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