The Man of Today

Some time ago, a Hugo Boss commercial aired featuring Gerard Butler. It had a theme that struck a chord, “The Man of Today.”

It inspired me to write a short poem of my own, though it is unfinished I will share the first two verses. It contains the focus of my 2016 year.

The past is over, time since gone,
It remains in legend, story, and song.
“Now is the time.” I say
For I am the Man of Today

Don’t focus on tomorrow,
Nor worry about it’s possible sorrow,
“Remember,” I say,
“The Future is written Today.”

 As mortals we can fall into the error of dwelling, either in the past or the future, taking our focus away from where it should be: The present.


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Virtue makes a Man of Today. When he focuses on doing the best in the present, not forfeiting Today for a tomorrow which never comes, or a past that can never be retained. Both are illusions we make to distract us from the difficulty of Today.

Today can be difficult, it forces us to do what needs to be done now, rather than pushing it to a unforeseen future. It can be tempting to flee Today, to hide in the past or future, to escape into endless entertainments, all in the effort to hide from the responsibilities of life.


The last line I wrote of the second verse is the one I like best, The Future is written Today. Because of this, I have adopted it as my motto. We often mistake dwelling in the future as planning, just as dwelling in the past can be mistaken as reflection. We overlook that the only time to build the desired Future is in Today.


My father always says there is not enough time in the day, he’s right. On a farm there is more work than hours of sunlight, life is the same way. It’s short, and it should not be spent fleeing what, in the future, we will wish we had more of.
Live life I say, be a Man of Today.


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