Click-Clack, Clickity-Clack,

Hobbies are important, they allow a person to release from the stresses of daily life. It is something to enjoy the mere action of. I am no exception to this rule, finding writing the easiest form of therapy.

Anyone who writes will tell you that the most frustrating thing is a blank screen staring back at you. Sitting in front of the computer with the mocking flashing line can drive you crazy, taking writers block from annoyance to nightmare.

Such an event occurred to me the other day. My mind ached from a bored atrophy, without any idea sticking on the virtual paper I was starring at.  And, as occasionally happens, an idea struck.

Earlier in the year I acquired an electric typewriter. Dusting it off and powering it on I scrounged up some physical paper. Within minutes of plugging it in and rolling up the paper, I was typing with the melodious, “click clack, clickity clack,” of the keys. In less than an hour and a half, I had six pages typed.

There are obvious benefits to computers, as I appreciated every time I accidentally typed, “teh” or “adn” on the typewriter. But there is something to be said for hearing the sound of the typewriter and looking at the physical paper in front of you.

The debate of technology is heard almost everywhere, particularly where machines takeaway the jobs of people. That debate is even heard on the farm. My father often bewails the arrival of the electronic cash register, because it takes away the opportunity to say, “Good morning.” to someone who may need to hear it.

On the farm technology is welcomed, tractors make a lot of jobs easier, a lot easier. There are some times though, when we can become too reliant on the technology to do the job, as we see in the Organic industry when people opt for numerous applications of fertilizers over a simple cover crop.

There are times when, despite the technology, we choose to go back to more basic methods. My family owns a log splitter, but I like to occasionally use the old fashioned maul, splitting the wood by hand can be both great exercise and great fun.


Technology is great, but don’t let get in the way of your hobbies, or the people around you. If you are being mocked by the computer, or distracted by the television, unplug yourself. Write something by hand, maybe mail a note to a friend (who doesn’t like to find something other than bills in the mail?).

Turn off the smart phone and have a conversation with a friend.


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