Walk v. Talk

Rule 69.  Win through your actions, never through argument.

This rule is taken from Robert Greene’s book, 48 Laws of Power.

We often meet with argumentative people in our lives. They argue, dispute, and do everything possible to beat their opinions into our minds. Rarely does it have the slightest effect. It ends with one or both parties angry and exhausted.

Arguing is a waste of good energy, leaving each party more entrenched in their personal opinions. Words are wonderful things. They can inspire, enchant, repulse, and convey almost every conceivable idea or emotion. They cannot, however, move a person when their mind is decided, only action can. Actions have always spoken louder than words, and they always will.

Once, at a trade show, my father was looking at the calibrate bander. A supposedly easy way to castrate cattle. (As you may imagine, anything to make the process quicker and easier peaked his interest.) He talked to the sales rep, asking “How does this really work?” The salesman was smarter than most. Rather than saying too much, he immediately directed my father to the video on his laptop. The video perfectly demonstrated how the process worked, showing the animal calmly getting castrated. My father almost didn’t believe it, yet, he bought the product and tried it. It worked perfectly, just like the video.


Source – officeclipart.com


Demonstration of your idea will always have a greater effect than talking about it. A good salesman learns this early on: Don’t tell the customer about what the product is, but what it will do for them. If you can, show them.

Don’t believe me? Next time you want to convince someone of something, show the application of the idea. See what they think then.


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