A Family Tree

Among all the painters to capture our imaginations, there are few more classic, more American, than Norman Rockwell. We’ve written about him and his illustration of life before (link), but now we want to address our thoughts on one particular work of his.

This paining is called, “A Family Tree,” and gives a remarkable illustration of how a family tree in the United States can look like.

At the base we see the classic story, the pirate and the princess, a likely enough start to many an American bloodline. Through these generations, we see the various archetypes of American culture and history: The Puritan and the Frontiersman, the Ivy Leaguer and the Cowboy. This is only a mere fraction of the types in our great history! If you were to scale your own family tree, you may be amazed at the various professions and affiliations your family held.

America has a unique position in the world as being a melting pot. People across the nations of the world, from every walk of life have come to this country, leaving us as the heirs of their legacies. Though we are not all one and the same in appearance or culture, as Americans we can all look back to those who came to a new Nation to give us a better future.


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