Democracy: Quotables

Here are several of our favorite quotes about Democracy, a subject that is timely for the political season that we find ourselves in. Perhaps they will serve as a reminder of the ideals that form the foundation of our freedom and liberties.

Local government is the foundation of democracy; if it fails, democracy will fail. – Robert W. Flack

Democracy is threatened by the inertia of good people, the selfishness of  most people, and the evil designs of a few people. – Stanley King


The measure of a democracy is the measure of the freedom of its humblest citizens. – John Galsworthy

Each generation must win democracy for itself. Many young persons wish they might have lived in the historic and courageous time of George Washington, for example, when there were victories to be made and real history written. On the contrary, there are just as big problems today, and every opportunity for development. – Frank Thayer

Democracy has survived because time and again it has proved, under stress, its ability to harmonize and make productive; in every sphere of thought and action, the individual and the social instincts innate in man, in these respects it has demonstrated its superiority over all other political philosophies. All try to draw the line between the opportunities and responsibilities of the individual and those of society, but none draws it so subtly in accordance with reality as democracy. – A. Whitney Griswold

Democracy is not static. It is a way of living, and its growth in our society depends upon the opportunity of working together in areas of common interest, each taking responsibilities commensurate with ability. – Earl M. Katz


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