3 Reasons To Give Giftcards

Many consider the worst gift to give is a gift card (or a lump of coal). It is decried as a gift without thoughtfulness, meaning, or sentiment. Givers of this gift are typecast as uncaring and inattentive, unaware of what the other really wants. However, as with much of popular opinion, those beliefs are patently false.

It is noted that there are some unfeeling souls who purchase gift cards as gifts of last resort, the only refuge for the tardy and tired, but they are not the rule to judge by. Rather, gift cards are opportunities given from one to another without regret or remorse.

Here are three reasons to go with a gift card, guilt free, this holiday season.

1. They Give Peace of Mind

Gifts, if they are not chosen properly, may miss their mark. This only leads to possible sorrow, annoyance, or irritation. There is always a chance that what you think is perfect, ends up in a box never to be touched again. With a gift card there are no such problems. All you need is a general idea of where they shop and what they shop for and you’ve got the perfect gift.

2. They Give Direction

There are some to whom we give gifts who don’t always make wise choices with their money. To these, a gift card can give needed direction to their spending, pointing them towards a place where they can purchase the items they need without pushing them.

3. They Give Freedom

There are others who save every penny, given or earned, and rarely enjoy just buying something for fun. By giving these people a gift card it frees them to use it on something for a rare moment of fun.

Farmers, practical people we are, tend to fall into the habit of spending most of our money on crops, livestock, or infrastructure. This leaves us with very little “fun money” and a habit of avoiding the idea. A gift card liberates the farmer from this cycle, allowing him to pick something practical if he desires, or just perhaps something fun to enjoy.


One thought on “3 Reasons To Give Giftcards

  1. This is great. Gift cards are a great gift. I love them because like you said, some gifts can miss the mark. With a gift card, I can get whatever I want. And yes, farmers are very hard working and with a gift card, they can splurge on themselves. They deserve it. Merry Christmas to all & a Blessed New Year!

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