2016 Review: Blogging

With 2016 drawing to it’s close, we’ve composed a list of our most popular blog posts of the year, along with a few of our favorites.

Based on statistics these were the most popular posts out of the year:

An Ounce of Pull Is Worth A Pound of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Pull

Here we compare weeds in the garden to the weeds in our hearts.

10 Ways Book Review

Review: 10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart

One of my favorite books from 2016, this book was written by the founder of goodguyswag.com, Kris Wolfe, and covers one of the most important areas of life.

Market Ready

Market Ready

A few lessons gleaned from the preparation for farmer’s markets.

accepting and taking change

Accepting Change

Change has a habit of appearing whether we like it or not, accepting it is one of the most fundamental of life skills.

5 Lessons

5 Lessons From The Markets

An article simple and straight to the point, 5 lessons learned from the farmer’s markets over the years.

The following articles are personal favorites from the previous year.


use your fields

Using Your Fields

One of the articles that challenged me the most through the year, we cannot wish for what others have when we don’t use what we already have probably.


Do You Feel Lucky-

Do You Feel Lucky?

A consideration of what actually makes luck and the lucky.


The Man of Today

The Man of Today

My real attempt at a poem of my own, and features the motto of my family.


Choice Lessons

How to Listen Like Thomas Jefferson

A fundamental lesson from the patron saint of all Intellectual Agrarians, lessons that can be applied by anyone anywhere.

What article was your favorite through the year?



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