Indian Summer

In my neck of the Midwest we’re experiencing something unusual, and politically incorrect, Indian Summer in February.

With the weather a balmy 61 degrees and sunny, there are endless opportunities to shed our Winter wear and see how unprepared we are for swimsuit season. However, it is also a time the farmer has to use wisely.

You see, throughout the winter months, with holidays, food, and hibernation, much of the farm has become covered in snow, ice and confusion. Under all the snow, forgotten tools, broken equipment and unfilled potholes make unwelcome appearances. This is easy to ignore so long as there is snow on the ground, but once the weather turns nice, the farmer knows this is his best chance to get things cleaned up before the Spring rush.

Besides cleaning things up, there are also pieces of farm machinery and equipment that, for one reason or another, have not yet been fixed. With the excuse of the cold out of the way, the farmer is now able to get the plow back in functional order without any danger of frostbite.

Of course, these are mere ideas of things to get done. The tools might get put away, the plow may get fixed, but like the rest of us the farmer might just relax and enjoy the weather for the reprieve it is.


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