A Canary At The Farm

Another of Riley’s Farm Rhymes for your consideration, written by James Whitcomb Riley.

A Canary At The Farm


Folks has be’n to down, and Sahry
Fetcher ‘er home a pet canary,-
And of all the blame’, contrary,
Aggervatin’ things alive!
I love music- that’s I love it
When it’s free- and plenty of it;-
But I dindo’ git above it,
At a dollar-eighty five!

Source – Riley’s Farm Rhymes

Reason’s plain as I’m a-sayin’,-
Jes’ the idy, now, o’ layin’
Out yet money, and a-payin’
Fer a willer-cage and bird,
When the medder-larks is wingin’
Round you, and the woods is ringin’
With the beautifullest singin’
That a mortal ever heard!

Sahry’s sot, tho’.- So I tell her
He’s a purty little feller,
With his wings o’ creamy-yeller
And his eyes keen as a cat’
And the twitter o’ the critter
‘Pears to absolutely glitter!
Guess I’ll haf to go and git her
A high-priceter cag ‘n that!

What I like about this one is the realism of it. A farmer, old or young, is very likely to observe that the singing of the birds outside is just as pretty, without a price.


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